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(No Speaking, No Editing Videos, No Showing Your Face On Camera)
“Not everyone qualifies for this, and I’m not just letting ‘anyone’ in. But if you have what it takes, I’ll scale your Faceless YT Channel from nothing to overflowing with
views and sales. 

Dear Friend,

If you want the rare ability to automate a youtube channel and make sales at will almost every time you click the publish button on your youtube channel, then this will do that for you.

Here’s the deal:

I’ve created a special deal called:

Tube Takeoff 3.0 (Done-For-You Edition)

However, this isn’t your typical course that promises the world.
And, it’s definitely NOT for everyone.
But if you’re willing to put in a little bit of work It’s a perfect fit for you.

Andy Hafell

Shows YouTubers how to 
get far more views and sales 
in far less time using 
simple automated
faceless videos

Real People, Life-Changing Results


Here are what some of my students say about me…

Introducing, For The First Time Ever…

A 30-Day Passive Income Youtube Game Plan

Here’s What Tube Takeoff Will Do For You:


If you start a YouTube channel in a bad niche where you have to show your face, there’s too much competition, and you can’t monetize without AdSense.

It’s kind of like you’ve got a yellow Lamborghini Aventador and then filling the tank with dirty mud water. You’ve got the best vehicle in the world (YouTube), but the wrong fuel.

Here we teach you the exact criteria we look for when starting multiple new YouTube channels as well as give you 57 niches & 259 Example Channels proven to work with my system.

There is a dark side making a youtube channel where you do everything on your own. I’ve got one of them, and if I’m gonna film… I need good light and expensive equipment. I need to dress nice, fix my hair, be charismatic, funny and perform. That doesn’t sound like I’m running a YouTube business, that sounds like I’m going on a date! With faceless channel there is none of that mess involved. You’re not stuck with 1 channel but you can rather make multiple.

Here we generate winning faceless content ideas designed to attract people fast and get people hooked on your content so they come back again and again. We’ve also included content templates you can use over and over designed to go viral and make more money than most YouTubers.

You might believe that you make a ton of money through YouTube AdSense. You know the ad you can skip after 5 seconds before you watch a video? Yes, you make money from that, but my best example is a video of mine that got 287,000 views. Guess how much I made from it.. $67 dollars! Imagine how sad I was when I found out.. I’d made more in 1 day at my old pizza delivery job..

Here we align your niche with the highest converting affiliate products on the internet, so you won’t even need AdSense. Personally I make 8x more money from selling products than AdSense, that’s how our students gets extraordinary results fast without many views at all.
There is a common saying in the business world: “Work ON your business not IN your business”. Most youtubers ARE the business. That’s why it’s important to make a content system where each part can get outsourced by other people or computers. That way you can actually enjoy the time freedom and money this YouTube business allows you to have.
Here we create a video factory assembly line. We’ll give you our content system so you can automate your channel for cheap and manage it easily. This will allow you make true passive income, so you can go to the beach with your friends without worrying about content, because your automation team is already making it for you while you do fun stuff.
I’m Going To Throw In These Fast Action Bonuses For Free Designed To..

Get Your Channel Views and Sales 

Bonus #1 – Done For You Videos
  • Have A Channel With Videos Automatically Getting Posted
  • Never Create Your Own Videos
  • We Make All The Videos For You
Bonus #2 –  HOT YouTube Automation Niches For 2022
  • Pick Together With Me One of These 23+ Profitable Facless Niches 
  • ​Get Inspiration From 259 Faceless Example Channels
  • ​Just Choose Between These Proven Successful Channels & Niches
Bonus #3 – DFY Curiosity Channel Name, Logo & Channel Header 
  • Get A Stunning Logo That Catches Your Viewers Eyes
  • ​HACK: Channel Names That Get’s Clicks
  • ​Get A Professional Channel Header So You Look Professional
Bonus #4 – Viral Video Ideas
  • Copy My System For Identifying The Viral Video Ideas For Your Niche
  • ​No Need to Come Up With Video Ideas Ever Again
  • ​These Titles Will Make Your Channel Grow Faster Than Ever Before 
Bonus #5 –  High Quality Faceless Video System
  • Never Make Your Own Video From Scratch 
  • ​No Need to Film Yourself or Be on Camera
  • ​Without Having To Learn Video Editing
Bonus #6 – Copy & Paste Thumbnail Templates
  • Steal My Exact Winning Thumbnails
  • ​Scientifically Proven Thumbnails That Grabs People’s Attention
  • ​The Number #1 Reason Most Beginner Youtubers Fail
Bonus #7 – Fast-Track Monetization
  • The Easiest Way To Get Monetized Fast
  • ​Quickly Start Making Adsense Money
  • ​The 1000 Subscriber & 4000 Watch Hour Shortcut
Bonus #8 – Affiliate Marketing On Steroids
  • Make Money Instantly Without Being Monetized
  • ​Start Making Money From Day #1
  • ​Make More Money Than You Ever Would From Just Adsense
Bonus #9 – 30 Day Step by Step Checklist
  • Know What To Do With Every Step
  • ​Get Taken By The Hand
  • ​No Guess-Work, Just Follow My Proven Checklist
Bonus #10 – Tube Takeoff Automation Systems
  • Copy & Paste My Software Systems 
  • ​Copy & Paste My Team Systems
  • ​Copy & Paste My Automation Systems
Bonus #11 – Copy & Paste Automation Team
  • My Hiring Method That Effortlessly Attracts Talent
  • ​Copy & Paste My Hiring Scripts
  • ​Get Your Entire Automation Team Set Up in 30 Days
Bonus #12 – Takeoff Tribe Community & Mentoring
  • Get Support Every Day 24/7 By The Takeoff Tribe Inner Circle
  • ​Live Q&A Calls Every Monday
  • ​Unlimited Channel Reviews & 6 Month Weekly 1 on 1 Mentoring

Are You Ready To Take The Fast-Track To YouTube Success?

Do You Want To Become My Next Success Story?
Tube Takeoff 3.0

Done With You

  • ​WEEK 1. Select The Best Niche (Group Coaching)
  • ​WEEK 2. Generate Content (Group Coaching)
  • ​WEEK 3. Make 8x More Money (Group Coaching)
  • WEEK 4. Automate & Scale (Group Coaching)
  • ​Bonus #1 – Done With You Videos
  • ​Bonus #2 – Done With You Niche Selection
  • ​​Bonus #3 – Done With You Curiosity Channel
    Name, Logo & Channel Header
  • ​​Bonus #4 – Done With You Viral Video Ideas
  • ​Bonus #5 – High Quality Faceless Video System
  • ​​​Bonus #6 – Done With You Thumbnails
  • ​​​​​Bonus #7 – Fast-Track Monetization
  • ​Bonus #8 – Done With You Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Bonus #9 – 30 Day Step by Step Checklist
  • ​Bonus #10 – Tube Takeoff Automation Systems
  • ​Bonus #11 – Done With You Automation Team
  • ​Bonus #12 – Takeoff Tribe Community & Mentoring
LITE Package Also Includes…
  • 2022 Special Bonus Box 
  • ​30 Day YouTube Automation Challenge
    (First Week Starting Januray 17th)
  • ​30 Day Step-by-step Automation Checklist
  • ​6 Month Private 1-on-1 YouTube Coaching Calls 
  • ​6 Month Weekly Private 1-on-1 Direct Message Mentoring By Me
  • ​5 Days Per Week Private Mentoring By My
    YouTube Success Coach
  • ​Live Q&A Monday Every Week
  • ​Weekly Private 1 on 1 Mentoring Calls For 30 Days
  • ​​Daily 1 on 1 Chat Mentoring For 30 Days
Today: $4997

$2997 Lifetime Access

Only 25 Spots Available…

Get Your Channel Done With You in The Next 30 Days!

This Offer Closes in…

Start The Automation Challenge NOW Before it Closes!
Tube Takeoff 3.0

Done For You

  • ​WEEK 1. Select The Best Niche (Group Coaching)
  • ​WEEK 2. Generate Content (Group Coaching)
  • ​WEEK 3. Make 8x More Money (Group Coaching)
  • WEEK 4. Automate & Scale (Group Coaching)
  • Bonus #1 – 5 Months Weekly Done FOR You Videos
  • ​Bonus #2 – Done FOR You Niche Selection
  • ​​Bonus #3 – Done FOR You Curiosity Channel Name, Logo & Channel Header
  • ​​Bonus #4 – Done FOR You Viral Video Ideas
  • ​Bonus #5 – High Quality Faceless Video System
  • ​​​Bonus #6 – Done FOR You Thumbnails
  • ​​​​​Bonus #7 – Fast-Track Monetization
  • ​Bonus #8 – Done FOR You Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Bonus #9 – 30 Day Step by Step Checklist
  • ​Bonus #10 – Tube Takeoff Automation Systems
  • ​Bonus #11 – Done FOR You Automation Team
  • ​Bonus #12 – Takeoff Tribe Community & Mentoring
VIP Package Also Includes…
  • 2022 Special Bonus Box 
  • ​30 Day YouTube Automation Challenge
    (First Week Starting Januray 17th)
  • ​30 Day Step-by-step Automation Checklist
  • ​6 Month Private 1-on-1 YouTube Coaching Calls 
  • ​6 Month Weekly Private 1-on-1 Direct Message Mentoring By Me
  • ​5 Days Per Week Private Mentoring by My
    YouTube Success Coach
  • ​Live Q&A Monday Every Week
  • ​Weekly Private 1 on 1 Mentoring Calls For 60 Days
  • ​Daily 1 on 1 Chat Mentoring For 60 Days
  • I Personally Create The Channel For You, Then Give It To You Once it’s Running Perfectly
Today: $9997
$4997 Lifetime Access
Only 10 Spots Available…

Get Your Channel Done For You in The Next 30 Days!

You’ll get instant access to the Pre-Training when you invest… So when the challenge starts you’re 100% prepared!
See Why People Are LOVING Tube Takeoff
What is The Difference Between Done WITH you and Done FOR You?
It’s kinda like this, imagine we grow a tiny red apple tree from a seed, the tiny apple tree is small and brittle. I put wooden support sticks around it so it goes straight, I water it, I give it sunlight, I pack it with nutrient rich soil around the base, and I pick off any pests or worms making holes through the leaves every day.
One day, the apple tree will start producing delicious red apples that gives the most satisfying crunch when you bite into it, and the taste is dancing in your mouth. Once that happens, we send the apple tree to you, so you can produce delicious crunchy apples without any of the hard work of growing it from seed.
Done For You, we do the exact thing described above
Done With You we’ll give you all the information, Templates, Tools and Systems to help you every single step growing the seed from scratch, like i’m standing over your shoulder telling you which buttons to click.
You’ve mentioned all the work will be done. Still, I like to ask how much time and effort will be needed from my side if it is needed at all?

For the DFY package, I will set up the email, the name of the channel, fill it with the logo, and header. Then we will together select a niche (during week 1, I will consult you about your preferable niche).

After this, we will set up a team to create videos for you. Then, they will start making the videos, and you and me will do a quality inspection and make sure the videos are good enough.

We will use some of the funds you’ve paid to produce weekly videos for 4-6 months depending on the cost/niche. We will also set up a backend funnel to send out emails for you and make affiliate sales.

Any more cost that will be needed through the DFY? This will help with estimating the true costs to run the business.

After the initial period, the channel should be running pretty much automatically if a satisfactory team has been put in place. At this point where i know everything is running smoothly, you will take over the channel.

After the initial “Done for You” period, the investment on your side would be about $500 a month depending on the niche. This will make you anywhere from 5-12 videos per month, all done for you by your team.
Will your team be handling everything until it generates consistent income per day? When does it start and end?

We will be handling the team, but unfortunately, we can not guarantee income from 4-6 months of videos. By this point, your channel could make you over $2000 per month or nothing at all.

In my personal experience, running and managing 17 different channels, they reach their full-time income after around 6-24 months – This means that the work we’ve done for you is only a launchpad for you to take it to the next level and thrive.
Of course, you’ll get continual help weekly in the live Q&A Mondays and in the tribe (community).
When your teamwork ends, how do I come in to handle the business? How much work in terms of time/cost & efforts would be required to maintain the consistent business income?

After the initial DFY period, we will give you the contacts to your automation team so you now can get them continue making videos for you. Also, you’ll be in the Trello board from where we operate your channel from day #1.

After it’s all set up, your effort will be to come up with new video ideas and message/manage the team so they make videos for you. As said above, this would be around $500 per month depending on the niche, making anywhere from 5-12 videos per month. At this point, making videos shouldn’t take much of your time and effort.
How soon do you project the income generated can cover the cost of the DFY course?

My personal experience is that new Youtube channels, managed weekly with consistent uploads, take anywhere from 6-24 months to pay off and generate a decent income.

We can not guarantee any income from it because managing the channel after the initial DFY period will not be in our control.
Lastly, is there a guarantee of the results? Or a certainty level this will work?

I can not guarantee subscribers, income or views. However, I guarantee you’ll have a YouTube channel in a profitable niche, over 4-6 months of weekly content on your channel and I guarantee that you will have the contact details of a team that will make videos for you.

All the niches are specifically picked based on other successful and profitable Youtube channels, which are getting a hundreds of thousands of views per month. I will only set up the channels I would make for myself and in niches that are proven to be profitable.
What if i’m not good at public speaking / don’t have an outgoing personality?

Viewers on Youtube are always seeking to relate with people similar to them. There are tons of niches and communities that you can tap into with the exact personality you already have. Think about it, when you were in high school, did everybody want to play sports?

Or was there groups of acting, musicians, gamers or chess players that huddled around and formed their own tight friends group. Even though they were not the outgoing personality types. No matter how shy or introverted you are, you can find people that want to relate with you.
Isn’t there too much competition on YouTube already?

Not at all, it might seem that way at first. If you get a video that gets 7 million views, that didn’t come from a bank of views, it came from the 3.2 billion people that are on the internet every single day.

How many videos do they watch and share every week? Do you think they’ll go back to reading books, blogs and newspapers or watch more and more videos as we move on in the digital era? Youtube has unlimited views to go arround
I’m a full-time student / have a full-time job. Will I have enough time to start a channel?
Yes! 90% of our current members are students or have a full-time job. For Example: One of my successful students Chris was working 40+ hours as a nurse with two kids of 3 and 6. He would find a couple hours during the week nights and weekends to make videos so he could quit his 9-5 job and live a life of freedom and abundance.
What if I don’t have any filming / writing / editing experience?
You can do this without any prior experience. We will teach you how to get all the videos done for you as well as teach you both the technical and strategical steps to be successful on YouTube
What if I don’t want to be on camera?
This is why i made the course. The course is for people that don’t wanna be on camera. This is a faceless youtube automation program. If you want to use your own voice or do some work yourself, you can. But if you want to automate, we help make the entire video for you from start to finish.
What sort of equipment will i need to start a channel? and how expensive will it be?
All you need is a smartphone and a laptop
All i have is a crappy old laptop and a smartphone with a cracked screen. Are you telling me I can start a YouTube channel with that?

Yep! Many of my students talk to their automation teams through whatever device they have. If you choose to create some parts of your videos many of my students record their voice into the microphone on their phone and edit on their phone or even just a tiny laptop.

I asked one of my students for a picture of their laptop and it was a little bigger than my hand with this tiny little keyboard and the screen broken off the hinges. You have everything you need to be successful.

What’s actually expected of me if I join?
Show up, and be engaged. For 30 Days you need to be on the ball, sharp and ready to attack. Show up on the 4 Weekly calls. Schedule and show up to the weekly 1 on 1 calls with me. Help me pick the perfect niche for you, quality inspect the videos we give you, go through the Affiliate marketing backend funnel we’re building for you. Lastly, meet and interact with the other creators in the Takeoff Tribe.
Will I Get Access To Andy?
Andy Will be in there holding your hand the first 30-60 days, setting everything up with/for you. After that he will be doing Live Channel Reviews Q&A’s in the Tribe Every single Monday helping you with anything you need.
Why are there only 10 Spots, Will you do this Done For You Package Again?
The time and effort commitment of me and my team will be very big. It’s kind of like me making 10 new channels this year from scratch, right now that is the full capacity of me and my team.
On Midnight 2021 EST This offer closes down and only the Done With You service will be available. I can not promise we will do this DFY package ever again, especially not at this price.

Still Have Questions?

Email: Andy@TubeTakeoff.com

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We believe that if you did not recieve the same or even more value from us than you invested, we don’t want your money. Therefore, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the program within 60 days of purchase.

This Offer Closes in…

Start The Automation Challenge NOW Before it Closes!
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